Become a better person! Turn around your life! It’s never too late!

Life is a precious gift of God. But life isn’t always easy or fair. After some major setbacks or tragedies, one loses hope and let the life pass by. No matter how difficult your life is, take responsibility of your life and always strive to become a better person than you were yesterday. Love your life and live it purposefully. Never give up, never lose your self-worth, and never let circumstances or setbacks to dictate your life. When life gives you a second chance or if you’re determined to change your life for the better, you need to stop looking back to your past and start focusing all your energy on living your life to its fullest potential.

A few days ago, I watched a heartwarming and touching movie, “A Street Cat Named Bob”, based on a true story (James Bowen’s international best selling biography of the same name) of the friendship between a young man (homeless, drug addict, struggling busker) and a stray cat (friendly, intelligent, cute). This friendship turns around the life of the recovering addict and he gradually changes into a better person. Cats are considered self-centered and lazy but Bob the cat proved himself a caring and supportive friend.

Even if you aren’t that lucky, that someone like Bob comes into your life to keep you motivated, and help you find the right direction and your self-worth, even then you can learn a lot from the movie. Helping others in need would give you a new perspective on your own situation. Volunteering or doing something good for someone else would help you find happiness and a sense of purpose.

Let go of your past. Stop regretting what you can’t change. No amount of guilt would do any good, so stop hurting yourself. Don’t let your past or insecurities prevent you from living your life. Instead, become a positive example and start over with your life. Build a life you can be proud of.

There is still hope! As long as one is alive, one can change!

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